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"The lens through which I experience our county is different. I bring a fresh perspective that will bring attention and action to the issues facing Lincoln County ."



As a foster parent I am exposed to a large cross-section of social issues that threaten our communities. I know addiction through the newborn drug affected babies that I’ve held in my arms. I know homelessness through children that have only lived in cars.  I've fed children in my home that were literally starving. I’ve seen the devastating effects of untreated mental illness in families.


I am already deeply immersed in these issues and connected to many of the agency and non-profit partners who are activity involved in serving our communities. We face complex issues without straightforward solutions but I am committed to playing a key role to better understanding these issues, bringing partners to the table, and advocating for the residents of this county. 


My background in science and work with Oregon State University has given me the opportunity to be involved in important local natural resource issues such as wave energy development, fisheries management, and community development projects. I am a known collaborator who can bring diverse stakeholders to the table to work through controversial resource issues.


I was raised in a commercial fishing family and have worked closely with the fishing industry for over 15 years. I've also built strong relationships with the environmental community and have helped bridge relationships and create collaborations with industry. I also have strong relationships with agencies and policy makers and am often asked to help design processes to engage stakeholders on policy related changes or considerations. 

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