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Photo of Kaety th day she announced her candidacy at the Womens March

League of Women Voters

April 14

Lincoln County Democrats 
April 16th
Newport visual arts center and virtual. Preregistration required for in person attendance

Lincoln City Chamber 
April 26
Beach club, 2020 NE 22nd street Lincoln city

Environmental Candidate Forum
April 26th
Contact for link 

Newport Chamber 
May 4th
Location TBD

May 7th,

Loyalty Days Parade

May 17th: Election Day!

Thank you Lincoln County for allowing me to serve as your Lincoln County Commissioner for the past 3 years!


Our county has been through a lot in the these last few years but I am proud of the work we have done together and want to continue that work for another term of office.
I am running for re-election for Lincoln County Commissioner, position 3. 


My educational background is in science, with a bachelor’s degree from Oregon state University in Natural Resources and a Master’s in Coastal Zone Management. I was born and raised in Lincoln County in a commercial fishing family. Previous to becoming a Lincoln County Commissioner,  I spent fifteen years working for Oregon State University as a Sea Grant fisheries extension agent. I also have been actively involved in the community, serving as a foster parent, and on various non-profit boards.

This is a circle

In my first 3-years as County Commissioner I HAVE:

  • Fought for adequate vaccine supply and supported county public health in their efforts to be the leader in vaccination rates statewide.

  • Personally written grants and state funding requests for over 15-Million to rebuild after the Echo Mountain Fire.

  • Worked to reduce barriers to service for underserved and underrepresented communities in our county.

  • Built understanding of climate change impacts and adaptation strategies and created better response systems for drought.

  • Increased housing opportunities for homeless youth and young adults.


In my next 4-years as County Commissioner I WILL:

  • Increase county-wide housing inventory by contracting with housing development experts to increase ‘deal-flow’, and match developers with state and federal incentives.

  • Complete the fire recovery process in north Lincoln County, including development of state sponsored housing projects for survivors. 

  • Complete the defense of the STR ballot measure and implement ballot measure in unincorporated areas.

  • Continue the work to reduce barriers to county services for the underserved and underrepresented in our county.

  • Complete the relocation and rebuilding of the Lincoln County Animal Shelter.

  • Increase recruitment and services for in-home childcare providers as a way to increase childcare capacity. 

  • Begin process of fleet conversion to electric vehicles for Lincoln County service vehicles.


In September 2020, the Echo Mountain Complex Fire raged through the North end of Lincoln County, destroying nearly 300 homes, and damaging several others. While the fire itself came and went, the road to recovery has been long and arduous. I am so grateful for the wonderful community we have and to everyone who has stepped up to help survivors and the community rebuild.

While I have spent a lot of time on the ground in Otis, helping at the Salmon River Grange and other endeavors, I have focused a lot of my efforts on finding resources to help the recovery efforts. I personally wrote and advocated for several funding packages, and brought in over 18-million dollars in recovery funding. This money fixed fire damaged roads, water systems, septic systems, paid for mental health services and provided support to non-profits. I have also advocated at the state level for survivor housing developments. Lincoln County was recently awarded two tiny home villages for survivors and will be developed in 2022. 


I was raised in a commercial fishing family and have worked closely with the fishing industry for over 15 years. I've also built strong relationships with the environmental community and have helped bridge relationships and created collaborations with industry. I also have strong relationships with agencies and policy makers and am often asked to help design processes to engage stakeholders on policy related changes or considerations. In my role as commissioner, I have continued to have strong partnerships with OSU and engage in the design of many critical research projects. I have also worked to better understand the impacts of climate change our land-based agriculture in Lincoln County and what they need to better adapt to a changing climate. 

Additionally, I am working on funding packages to help inspect, repair, and replace aging and failing septic systems for low-income and marginalized populations in Lincoln County. This will have a profound impact on our coastal rivers and streams as well as help keep families in their housing. 



Housing is a critical issue in Lincoln County and we are all impacted by it in some way; as a personal impact or one experienced as an employer trying to recruit or retain employees. My belief is that there is no “one solution” to the housing crisis in Lincoln County. We must attack the problem from multiple angles; create and seize opportunity anywhere it presents itself. 

One of my first acts as a commissioner was to donate five buildable lots in Lincoln City to local non-profits to build workforce housing. When COVID first hit Lincoln County, I worked to established a hoteling program for vulnerable individuals and families as well as those who were COVID positive. The county ran this program for over a year. It was so successful that I worked to secure additional state funding for a local non-profit to purchase a hotel and transform it into transitional housing; this project is now known as Coastal Phoenix Rising in Lincoln City. One year later it is fully occupied and has a waitlist. 

I am now turning my attentions to reallocating county resources, formally spent on traditional economic development, and investing them to hire a housing development consultant to serve Lincoln County. 

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